Attendance Office Guidelines:

Help us to keep your child safe:

  • Report all absences, tardies, and early dismissals by calling our attendance office at 586-723-2399. Call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Students may not call for themselves.
  • Make sure that students check in and out with the attendance office.
  • Make sure that students leave and enter through the main doors.

Attendance Tips


Losing Credit Due to Poor Attendance:

Upon receiving his/her eleventh (11th) absence or eleventh (11th) tardy, a student will not earn credit in the class. The student will continue in the class for the remainder of the semester and try to earn a passing grade. This will allow the student the opportunity to earn back the credit by improving attendance in the next semester. During that next semester the previous semester grade will be marked as an NC and the student will be on attendance probation. While on attendance probation the student must not be absent more than seven (7) times in any class. Upon successfully meeting this attendance probation requirement the NC will be changed to the earned grade and credit will be given. If the student does not meet the attendance probation requirement then the NC will remain and the student will remain on attendance probation.