2018-2019 School Year


2019 Dodge Ball Tournament is on Friday, March 22.  Please click here for information.


Please join the student council's support of the leukemia and lymphoma society.  Simply click on your student's homeroom teacher's website below to donate.


Angeleri Classroom

Bacon Classroom  

Brunson Classroom

Cicchini Classroom

Clemmensen Classroom

DeHondt Classroom

Ellert Classroom   

George Class 1st Hour

George Class 2nd Hour

Gerding Classroom

Giacomantonio Class

Hansen Classroom 

Harper Classroom  

Hunter Classroom  

Jiggens Classroom 

Kordalski Classroom

Lafrate Classroom  

Lerchenfeldt Classroom

Mahoney Classroom

Marek Classroom   

Muldermans Classroom

Najarian Classroom

O'Neill, Jill Classroom

O'Neil, Pat Classroom

Paul Classroom     

Pugliese Classroom

Shalayko Classroom

Silver Class 1st Hour

Swanson Classroom

Szypa Classroom 

Vitale Classroom  

Wenz Classroom