Algonquin Boys/Girls Track & Field 2021


All of the information posted below is subject to change at any moment. Changes have been happening day to day and sometimes hour to hour. Mr. Trombley will post all of the newest information regarding track & field to this page so please check back frequently. Questions can be emailed to Mr. Trombley ( or Mr. Petterle ( 

Students who are 13 or older are currently required by the state to be tested for Covid-19 once per week during the track season. Students will be tested for the first time after school Thursday, April 22nd in the gym. Every testing after the first one will take place as soon as the track athletes arrive to school in the cafeteria on Mondays. It is important for contact tracing purposes that track athletes who need testing get it done as soon as they arrive to school on Mondays. If you have questions, please email Mr. Trombley ( 

Algonquin Track Remind 101

All track students and parents need to sign up for the Algonquin Track Remind101. This is the most important thing that students and parents need to do. Mr. Trombley, Mr. Petterle, and Mr. Valentine will send updates, cancellations, and other time-sensitive information through this Remind101 group. To join, click the following link-


Any student athlete that has tested positive for Covid-19 since getting their physical for sports must get another physical with a doctor before they can resume participation in their sport. Specifically, student athletes need a form of cardiac clearance from a doctor since testing positive for Covid-19 (which the MHSAA physical card has). It is also recommended that student athletes bring their positive test results with their new physical. Providing a positive test result can prevent a student athlete from having to quarantine following a confirmed close contact with someone else that tests positive for Covid-19. If a student athlete has provided documentation that their positive test result for Covid-19 has happened within the last 90 days, the Macomb County health department can exempt them from needing to quarantine following a close contact. Urgent cares and CVS minute clinics can take walk-in appointments for physicals today if you or your child needs to get a new physical completed

You will need the following items to be eligible to practice: 

1. Chippewa Valley Schools COVID-19 Liability Waiver. The waiver can be found here: 

2. A valid physical on file with the middle school. There are TWO options listed below. Each document has TWO pages that need to be completely filled out and signed by both the student-athlete and a parent:

You can get a new physical dated AFTER April 15th, 2020 and submit that. This is the recommended option. Places like CVS Minute Clinic and Urgent Care facilities can take walk-in appointments so you can get a physical done today. The MHSAA Physical Form can be found here: 

If you have a valid physical on file with the middle school from the 2019-2020 school year (completed between 4/15/19 – 4/14/20) and do not wish to get a new physical, you can fill out the MHSAA Health Questionnaire. It will be attached to your physical from last year and can be found here:

If your child played football or tried out for volleyball, boys basketball, or girls basketball this school year Mr. Trombley has their physical and they are all set for tryouts. 

In addition to the above documents, student-athletes are required to complete the following protocols EVERY DAY before they can enter practice.

1. Each athlete/coach or anyone present needs to fill out the Daily Monitoring Form every day before they arrive. The Daily Monitoring Form can be completed any time during the day before practice begins. Student athletes should bring a device that they can use to complete the Daily Monitoring Form to every practice in case they forgot to do it during the day. The link to the form can be found here:

2. Student-athletes will have their temperature taken before being allowed to enter practice. If a student’s temperature is above 100 degrees Fahrenheit it will be taken an additional 3 times. If their temperature is still above 100 degrees they will not be allowed into practice and will be asked to go home.

3. Student-athletes are expected to arrive ready to practice. Locker rooms will not be available for students to change into practice equipment/attire.

4. Student-athletes are expected to be able to get to practices every day at 3:15pm with their own transportation. As of now, bussing transportation will only be provided by the district for away contests. Track & Field will have bussing to away contests but parents will need to pick student-athletes up from the away schools after the meet is complete.

5. Student-athletes are required to sanitize their hands before entering and after exiting practice.

6. Student-athletes ARE REQUIRED TO WEAR A MASK AT ALL TIMES during practice. From the time they arrive at practice and are waiting to be checked in until the time they are picked up from practice. During activity, masks can become damaged or saturated. It is highly recommended that students bring additional masks to practice in the event that their first mask becomes unusable.

After a student decides they want to be on the track team, there are additional steps that need to be completed.

1. Concussion Test- After joining the team, student-athletes need to complete their concussion testing if they have not done so while attending Algonquin Middle School. If a student took a concussion test last school year for a sport, they do not have to take it again. 7th grade athletes that have not played a sport at Algonquin before will have to do the concussion test. 8th grade athletes who have not played a sport at Algonquin in 7th or 8th grade will also have to take the concussion test. PLEASE NOTE: Students must use a mouse to complete their concussion test. A laptop touchpad is not allowed for completing the concussion testing. Students should only complete the concussion test once and wait for confirmation from Mr. Trombley. Click the link below for instructions on how to complete concussion testing.


2. Online Paperwork- Student-athletes and parents need to go to and go to the “Find a Program” section to search for Algonquin. This will bring you to a heading that says Chippewa Valley High School. Below that heading your will see “Algonquin Athletic Registration”. Click that to complete the paperwork for basketball.

3. Payment- Student-athletes need to pay for participation in their sport through PaySchools Central. After the roster is finalized, a fee for the sport will be assigned to your child in PaySchools Central. Until then, you won't be able for the sport so please be patient. Mr. Trombley will send a message through Remind101 when the fee has been assigned to everyone. There is a link with directions on how to complete the payment once it is assigned on each of the Algonquin athletic pages. The cost is based on whether students qualify for free/reduced lunch.

No free/reduced lunch- $100

Reduced Lunch- $50

Free Lunch- $25

Below are protocols specific to games that need to be followed by all student-athletes and parents.

1. Student-athletes will be allowed to have 2 family members present at sporting events. This includes younger siblings or relatives. If 2 family members arrive with additional younger siblings they will not be allowed to enter.

2. Social distancing protocols and mask wearing must be followed while spectating contests with other schools.

Complete All Track Paperwork

Pay for Track

Algonquin Track Schedule CLICK HERE

***Updated as of 4/29/21 Version 2.0***

All Track Meets Start at 3:45 P.M.

Track practice is every day (unless otherwise noted above) after school 3:00-4:30 except for days of meets.

Track Coaches

Mr. Petterle
Head Coach

Mr. Valentine
Assistant Coach

Mr. Trombley
Assistant Coach