School Volunteers

Chippewa Valley Schools encourages and appreciates volunteer participation in our school’s programs and activities.  There are many opportunities to volunteer and to actively participate, which adds significant value and helps build a stronger school community.

The volunteer guidelines are designed to provide you with information to help assist you in your volunteer assignments.

If you volunteer for any school program or activity, you should make prior arrangements with the teacher/coach with whom you will work.  Please be aware of building safety protocols that may restrict onsite visits.


Cash Box Guidelines 

Fundraising Guidelines

Itemized Receipt / Invoice Reference

Payment Handling Guidelines

Student Activity Accounts Guidelines

Volunteer Guidelines (10/2021)


Cash Box Tracking Form Fillable 

Deposit Payment Management Detail

Payment Collection Form

PaySchool Events - New Event Setup

Vendor Application Form 


Charitable Gaming Raffle Guidelines 

Raffle License Application

Raffle License Guidelines

Raffle Winner's Information Form (Fillable Form)

(Must be completed when winnings are $600 or more by one individual in a single or multiple winnings.)